My Pottery Blog

Welcome to my pottery blog! On this page I will be posting articles about pottery, first and foremost! And mainly about the incredible part of pottery called Raku.

I hope to write about successes and failures I achieve with my pieces (lots of failures, I expect – Raku is VERY unpredictable!). I want to try and express the wonder that is Raku and the broader art of pottery.  The work and thought process involved in sculpting the forms. The choosing and mixing of the glazes. How they are applied. And then the excitement of the firing, delicate pottery cast into flames of a thousand degrees plus!

I hope this blog inspires others, wannabie potters and maybe even traditional potters to try their hand at Raku. The most dangerous, unexpected and inspiring of all the many arms of pottery!

The Alchemy Of Clay

Although the medieval chemical science of alchemy never rung true, I have always felt that ceramic is a close contender. We may not be able

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