About Me

Leo Dashwood Raku potter


Whilst dropping of some prints to an art gallery I saw a ceramic vessel that still to this day I think of.

It was spherical but not perfect which made it ancient, honest, human and had a low square spout. It had increasing circular engravings in a set of four on the body which engaged the interacting forms together perfectly.

The glaze was pulled back with a matte finish, being mainly of earthly browns, reds and verdigris.

Utterly beautiful. Form. Colour. Texture. Expression. But no function, that would surely be deemed as utterly pointless.

This one vessel truly aided as a turning point in my life. It was made by John Ward.

I should have bought it. I still would if I could track it down somehow. This idea of ceramics sat within me for years but I felt an electric kiln along with all the somewhat major costs involved to initiate this creation seemed farfetched and inappropriate at the time.

Studying Raku with a home made gas fired kiln opened up the door in experimentation with clay building, glazes and firing techniques.